Monday, January 4, 2016

Staying Active as a family in the New Year

Now that 2016 is officially here and most of the treats have been thrown out (or eaten) it is time to think about what we will do with the rest of the year.

Let's face it, we can't have a party all year! If I have learned anything about my family and myself over the last 2 weeks of break it is that we don't do well cooped up.

So I was thinking about ways to stay active as a family, both indoors and out!

Take a hike!

This activity is a free activity at most of our state parks and is a great way to sneak in a little learning. Grab a trail book and do a scavenger hunt along the way.

Jump Around!

Kentucky is home to many trampoline parks and not only are they lots of fun, they are a good work out as well! I was once told that jumping on a trampoline for 7 minutes straight is the equivalent of running a mile. With places like House of Boom and Sky Zone scattered all over Kentucky you have lots of choices!

Hit the gym!

Most gyms offer childcare with the cost of your membership. So while you are getting your sweat on, your kids can blow off steam playing with other kiddos!

Go to the Playground!

Yes, we know it is cold outside, but that is why we have jackets! Just a few minutes of activity outside and away from your house will do everyone a lot of good!

We'd love to hear what you and your family do to stay active in the colder months!

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