Thursday, June 28, 2018

A Parent's Guide To the Fourth of July 2018

 photo 101 KFF Free copy_zpsrfucollk.jpg

Proud to be an American parent grappling with how to raise young children in 2018.

Like most parents, I am juggling many metaphorical balls this summer. On top of trying to structure my kids' summer vacation while managing Kentucky Family Fun, I am also trying to complete a certification in Project Management from Western Kentucky University, which involves intense study and nights of cramming. Why would I do that to myself? Well, committing to the class was a purposeful attempt to hit the reset button on our family's life after 12 years of being tethered to a corporate life, which tended to dictate everything to us, and ultimately resulted in an unworkable situation and job loss. I know it is not a unique story. If you have had a similar experience, I would like to offer my deepest sympathies and encouragement to keep persisting.

As the temperature rises this summer, so do our tempers. Thankfully, the PMPBOK Guide (that is the textbook I am using) recommends the following techniques to resolving conflicts: Withdraw or avoid (the weakest technique), smooth and accommodate (find areas where all parties agree), force and direct (basically be a dictator - a morale killer) and collaborate and problem solve.

In the process, I have taken away some really important life lessons from my studies. For instance, what do you think are the leading causes of conflict, in general? In the project management world, there are four primary ones, including; scarce resources, priorities, schedules, and personalities. Does that sound familiar? I know it does for our family. Scarce resources being parents' attention. Priorities easily include pulling kids away from electronic devices. Scheduling being our typical lack of one. And then, there are personalities. How do you get your kids to stop fighting!?

All I can ask myself is: why don't we get a PMPBOK Guide to parenting when we bring our first child home? For years, our family has taken withdrawal and avoidance to another level. I am sure you know what I mean because after the 10th time your child has said "mommy" in the course of one breath, you start to tune their sweet voice out.

Bottom line, the PMPBOK Guide strongly recommends that to resolve conflicts, you have to confront them. So we did. We had a family meeting today after a typical family scene: Kids were anxious. They wanted to go to the pool, which had been vaguely promised. Dad wanted to finish watching the World Cup game. Pool noodle fighting ensued. Multiple admonishments to quit were strongly given and ignored. Tension escalated, and finally mom loudly lost her temper because she was trying to finish her coursework. Ironically, I was studying conflict management.

We don't have to go into many more of the details, but basically, I advocated that we confront the situation as a group in a sort of airing of grievances. The result is that we are working on just one thing for the next week, which is that we are going to spend the next week showing each other respect.

Respect. Something in short supply these days, it seems. I am deeply troubled by the current mood of our country and what role I can play both individually and as a mother. I have listened to calls for confrontation, which in many instances, is justified. But as the project management guide prescribes collaboration and problem solving, I also see value and wisdom in mutual respect. So what do I do? I am trying to teach my children to solve conflicts at home but I also know that I have to model that behavior as well.

With that in mind, I wanted to share with you my family's independence holiday itinerary, hopefully, I still need to register for one event. These activities have been chosen not just by me but also through a collaboration with my family. Hopefully, these events will give us an opportunity to field questions from our children about how they can be a part of the solution and not the problem both at home and in their country.

Smooth and Accommodate
June 30 | 2018 Lexington Pride Festival | 11am - 10pm | Lexington
With a mind for finding commonalities with other Kentuckians and things we can all agree on.

Withdraw and Avoid
July 3 | The Sweet Shoppe Dessert Cafe | TBD | Hodgenville
Heading out for a country drive and to explore around Elizabethtown to get some quality time as a family because sometimes you need to shut out negativity.

Force and Direct
July 6-7 | Happy Independence Day Festival | Independence
Definitely going to check out their parade which runs Summit View Middle School to Memorial Park. Looking to seek out veterans and discuss the prices paid for our freedoms.

Collaborate and Problem Solve
July 10 | Family Workshop: Sit-Ins, Marches and Boycotts | 10am - 12pm | Kentucky Historical Society
With the hope of learning more about what issues my children care about and how I can help them make a difference if they want to be involved.

Looking for other ideas for the Fourth of July?  Here are some suggested events around the state.

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Monday, June 25, 2018

25 Things Kentucky Families are Doing This Summer In Frankfort

 photo 25 Things to Do in Frankfort-2 copy_zps7wvkewfx.jpg

Looking to plan a staycation or to make the most of your time with your kids this summer?

 photo 2018-06-22 16.05.22_zps9dogqsdv.jpg
Cove Spring Park

Don't miss out on fun right at home. Explore your local area or make a trip to Frankfort to celebrate the 4th of July and knock out some activities on your summer bucket list.

1) Take to the Trails | along Penitentiary Branch at Cove Spring Park
The pictures on the linked website do not do this park justice. We have many fond memories of hiking this park fover the last 10 years. Bring your yoga mat to the park and take advantage of the peaceful waterfalls.

2) Enjoy the Small Things in Life | while pretending to be a turtle at Salato Wildlife Center
Get down low during the Turtle Obstacle Course on July 14 from 10:30-12. The activity involves getting wet so dress accordingly.

3) Wait for the Peach Truck | at Wilson Nurseries
Make traditional peach handpies with your spoils.

4) Birdwatch | along the trails at the Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary

5) Plan a Camping Trip | at Elkhorn Campground
Mrs. Barbie will take care of you and your family, with special activities planned for the 4th of July.

6) Explore Kentucky History | at the Kentucky Historical Society by taking a tour of the Old State Capitol
The Salato Wildlife Center
Guided tours are available Tuesday - Saturday at 10:30, 12, 1:30 and 3. Self-guided tours are available on Saturdays, now through August 25 from 10:30-4pm. We strongly encourage a guided tour as the staff deliver an exceptional interpretation that will make the building come alive.

7) Score a Win with Your Teenager | at Frankfort Comic Con
July 14 from 10 - 6pm Get in some great people watching while learning about "fandoms" and "cosplay" (costume play).

8) Get a Brain Freeze | eating Taylor Belle's Farm Fresh Hand Dipped Ice Cream
This family owned and operated Ice Cream Truck will be serving at the Frankfort Downtown United Bank Summer Concert Series on June 29, July 13 & 27, August 10 & 24 and September 7 along with other events all summer. Visit their facebook page to see where they may be headed next.

9) Buy local at the farmers market | at the Franklin County Farmers Market
Our capital's farmers' market is open three days a week - Saturday from 8-12pm, Tuesday from 7-12pm and Thursday from 7 -12pm. If you are heading to Frankfort for 4th of July, consider planning ahead to attend their Farm to Table Dinner at the Market Pavilion at River View Park at 6pm.

Juniper Hill Aquatic Center
10) Take In the Night Sky | at Josephine Sculpture Park
Plan to visit Frankfort on July 10 and end your day of exploration with a Night Sky Tour from 9-11:30pm.

11) Listen to Live Music | at the Kentucky River Jam Music & Arts Festival
July 14, August 18 and September 22 at the Ward Oats Amphitheater from 3-8pm.

12) Experiment with New Hobbies | at the Paul Sawyier Library
Touch, hold, discover and play with instruments during their Instrument Petting Zoo with the Lexington Philharmonic on July 13 from 10:30-11am. Call ahead to 502.352.2665 x205.

13) Encourage Kids to Try Something New | at Kids Days at the Farmers Market
From 9 - 12pm on July 14, August 11, and September 8 the Franklin County Farmers Market will hold special activities for kids.

14) Cool Off | at Juniper Hill Aquatic Center

Liberty Hall Historic Site
15) Join in the Parade | at Liberty Hall Historic Site during their Pedal Parade on the 4th of July
Pack your child's favorite wheeled toy decked out for 4th of July. The parade starts at 2:30pm but contestants should arrive before 2:15pm to register.

16) Relax on a Body of Water | in a tandem canoe on the Kentucky River
Call Canoe Kentucky to schedule a guided tour of the river behind Buffalo Trace.

17) Catch a Local Lunch Special | at the Cliffside Diner down near the river or Garcias Mexican Restaurant closer to the Interstate.

18) Tell Ghost Stories | and listen to them during Grey Lady Family Tours
You might notice some bias towards certain Frankfort destinations. I can't help it when it comes to Liberty Hall Historic Site. This is where I started my career and where I worked when my eldest daughter came into the world. We really have to meet kids where they are to get them excited about history.

The Stave
19) Take to the Country Roads | along route 2331 on your way into Frankfort
Stop by The Stave and order The Frankfort. Their kid's menu will not disappoint. The Skillet Cornbread and Pickle Brine Fried Chicken was our family's favorite but we are going back to try their chocolate walnut bread pudding.

20) Ride Bikes as a Family | along the 5-mile long Riverwalk Loop Trial

21) Participate in the local Summer Reading Program | at the Paul Sawyier Library
Don't miss live PENGUINS at the Paul Sawyier Library, coming on July 20! You don't have to be a Paul Sawyier Libary Cardholder to enjoy their events. Tickets required so call ahead to 502.352.2665 x205.

22) Shop Local | at the Silo Ridge Makers Market and support local makers

23) Get Creative | at Broadway Clay
Private lessons in hand building and wheel throwing are $25 per person and $20 for 5 or more. Call ahead to 502.320.7250.

24) Attend a Children's Matinee | at the Grand Theatre
B's Bakery
Attend the Summer Children's Matinee: Squallis Puppeteers on July 17 from 10 - 11am. The Grand Theatre welcomes children and the young at heart to Children's Matinees throughout the summer on Tuesdays.

25) Go out for donuts | at B's Bakery


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Ways to celebrate 100 years with Fort Knox

 photo Fort Knox Centennial Logo_zps8yds6ctx.png

It's time to celebrate the centennial of the establishment of Fort Knox. So much history and an amazing part of the commonwealth of Kentucky!

 photo FK MWR 4th of july_web ad_zpshivttm26.jpg
1. 4th of July Celebration-

Every year Fort Knox has one of the best 4th of July celebrations around! With Kids activities, food tents, live music from Tony and the tan lines, and an outstanding fireworks display, Fort Knox is an ideal place to celebrate America’s Independence Day! The 4th of July event is held at Brooks Field. Also, the highly coveted centennial Fort Knox T-shirt will be for sale at this event.

2. Centennial 5K Run

Celebrate 100 years at Fort Knox by running the Centennial 5K Run! Register for the Fort Knox Centennial 5K run at This event takes place on the day before the Centennial concert on August 17th at 7pm at the Samuel Adams Brewhouse. After the race, come inside for a cold brew and an appetizer.

 photo easton-corbin-concert_zps2hwpx65t.jpg
3. Centennial Concert

Enjoy live music at the Centennial Concert! On Saturday August 18th at 7pm bring family and friends to Brooks Field and enjoy Easton Corbin, Parmalee, and Runaway June. Exclusive centennial merchandise will also be for sale. Seating will be open (so don’t forget your chair!). Mark your calendar for this exciting Fort Knox Centennial summer concert featuring Easton Corbin. This event is sponsored by Academy Sports, Navy Federal, Brown Forman, Fort Knox Federal Credit Union, Swope Family of Dealerships, and USAA.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

20 Things Kentucky Families are Doing This Summer In Irvine

 photo 20 Things to do in Irvine-5 copy_zpsg4cjvjcm.jpg

Looking to plan a staycation?  Want to make the most of your time with your kids this summer and explore Kentucky?  
 photo Quilt Trail_zpsts1xwvfh.jpg
50 distinctive quilt patterns can be found on barns all over Estill County.

Don't miss out on fun right here at home.  Explore your local area or make a trip to Estill County  to complete your summer break to-do list.

1) Explore the Back Roads | by taking a country drive on the Quilt Trail

2) Enjoy the Small Things in life | at the Estill County Library Lego Club at 4pm on Thursdays

3) Bathe in Nature | at the Lily Mountain Nature Preserve

4) Explore Kentucky History | at the Fitchburg Furnace

5) Enjoy a Live Concert | at Rising Park behind the Estill County Library for Pickin' in the Park on June 26th

6) Buy Local at the Farmers Market | Estill County Farmers Market on Fridays from 3:30-6:30pm at the Estill Co. Fairground Pavilion or on the 2nd Tuesdays of the month from 11-2pm

7) Go Camping or Plan a Retreat | at Aldersgate on the weekends - call for availability

8) Enjoy a Family Pizza Night | at the Steam Engine Pizza Pub
 photo Irvine 2_zpsmqm4y4t1.jpg
Yes folks, that is the largest morel mushroom we have ever seen.

9) Climb on a Playground | at the Choo Choo Playground at Veterans Memorial Park

10) Get Emotional During a Movie | while watching A Wrinkle In Time at the Estill County Public Library on June 22 at 2pm

11) Take a Quintessential Hometown Photo | next to your public art

12) Relax By or on a Body of Water | at Heidelburg Park

13) Get a Brain Freeze | at The Twin 
 photo El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant_zps4m0uzw7b.jpg
14) Experience a Festival | 2018 Estil County Fair, June 30th - July 7th

15) Catch the Local Lunch Special | at El Ranchito Mexican Restaurant

16) Participate in the Local Summer Reading Program | at the Estill County Public Library

17) Get in a Little Retail Therapy | at Main Street Sweets

18) Get Creative | at the Estill County Library on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 1:30 for Crafternoon

19) Go Fishing | on the Kentucky River at Heidelburg Park

20) Gather in the Moonlight | at the Moonlight Market on July 20, August 10 and September 7



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Friday, June 15, 2018

5 Last Minute Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

 photo 5 Way to Celebrate Fathers Day copy_zps4arjzxhn.jpg
Haven't decided on how to celebrate Father's Day?  Don't sweat it!  Here are 5 last minute ways to make the most of the day in Kentucky.  

1) Celebrate World Cup: In our house, nearly everything stops for World Cup. Only the lawn and beard grow when Futbol reigns.  That's ok!  It's a time for making memories as the dad in our house heads to the lawn to kick the ball around with the kids between games.  Does this sound familiar or at least something you think the dad in your life would enjoy?  Make Father's Day an opportunity to make the most of watching World Cup 2018.  Make vuvuzela's, grill out, and set up your own goals in the yard with some inexpensive pool noodles. 

2) Go Birding: Does your father love nature?  Then adopt a Peregrine Falcon in his name, and plan a day to go birding along a Kentucky trail. Learn more about birding in Kentucky here.

3) Creek Walk: Head for the cool waters of a shaded Kentucky creekbed.  Don't forget to pack his hammock or chair, favorite beverage, koozie, and water shoes.  Give the dad in your life the whole day to relax and be present with his kids.

4) Take a Family Bike Ride: Load up the bikes and head to a local rails-to-trails bike path.  Visit the Rails to Trails Conservancy for trail suggestions.

5) Hit Some Golf Balls: Plan a day at a local driving range.  It is an activity almost everyone in the family can participate in. 


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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Let’s Celebrate the 4th of July Kentucky!

 photo Fourth of July 2018_zpsbdsgzejc.jpg

Plan to attend one of these celebrations near you on the 4th of July!


Eastern Kentucky
Berea | 4th of July Spectacular | 859.986.9402 | 6pm
Celebrate with food, live music, kids activities and fireworks. Fireworks begin at 10pm.

Ashland | Summer Motion | 606.921.2040 | 5pm
Fireworks & country music at the Ashland Riverport. End of a 6 day festival. Should be spectacular as the fireworks will go off over the Ohio River.

Central Kentucky

 photo FK MWR 4th of july_web ad_zpshivttm26.jpg

Fort Knox | 4th of July Celebration | Brooks Field | 502.624.5875 | 5 - 11pm
Live music from Tony & The Tanlines, pie eating contests, kids activities, bounce houses, and fireworks - 10:15pm.

Louisville | Independence Day 1816 | Locust Grove | 502.897.9845 | 10am - 4:30pm
Experience life 200 years ago. Hear readings of the Declaration of Independence and remember why we celebrate the day. Bring a picnic and enjoy the grounds. Make sure you check out their site audio tour while you are there. It is as simple as calling in with your cell phone.

LaGrange | 4th of July Celebration | John W. Black Aquatic Center | 502.225.0656 | 2pm
The OCAC kicks off the festivities at 2:00 pm with singing, a flag ceremony, pool races, kiddie patriotic swimwear contest, adult cannonball contest, and the greased watermelon dive - regular pool admission. Entertainment in the Wendell Moore Park before fireworks at 10:00.

 photo 7.4.2015_zpsrukbuncw.jpgFrankfort | Old Fashioned Fourth of July | Liberty Hall Historic Site | 502.227.2560 | 2 - 4pm
Concerts by Copper Pot Brass Quintet Band and the 101st Airborne Division Quintet Band. Arrive at 2:15pm with your decked out bicycle or stroller and join the Pedal Parade - 2:30pm. Liberty Hall Historic Site will provide free watermelon and lemonade. Bring your own water shoes and run through the lawn sprinklers

Lexington | Lexington’s Fourth of July Festival | 859.335.8640 | 9am - 10pm
Celebrate starting in the morning at the Fourth of July Street Festival - 9am, watch the parade on Main Street between Midland Ave. to Mill Street - 2pm and watch the fireworks near the Lexington Financial Center - 10pm.

Western Kentucky

Paducah | Independence Day Celebration 2018 | 270.444.8508 | 4 - 9:45pm
A full day of family fun, food and fireworks. Participate in a community-wide art project. Listen to live music - 4pm. The event draws 8,000-10,000 people to the Riverfront. Kid Zone of activities - 5 - 8pm. Fireworks - 9:15pm.

Murray | Freedom Fest | 270.759.2199 | 7am - 9:30pmAlso a full day of family fun. Boy Scout Troop 45 Memorial Breakfast - 7am -10am, FNB Bank Freedom Fest Parade marches down Main Street - 9:30am, Murray Bank Family Night in the Park with a free concert. Briggs & Stratton Fireworks Extravaganza near Hwy 641N - 9:30pm.

Don't forget to brush up on your Independence Day history!

Other ideas...

Ky State Parks has a listing of all of the events at their locations around the state - Click here.

Also, Kentucky Tourism has a great website for events where you can filter by topic. Click here and in the keyword area, search "fireworks" BAM! So many options!

LexFun4Kids will hook you up with all of the events in Central KY - click here has all of the options for the Louisville area - click here.

What about Shelby and Oldham counties? There are celebrations for you too! Click here for Shelby and here for Oldham.


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Monday, June 11, 2018

Uniquely Kentucky: Lawrenceburg Chicken Swap

 photo Lawrenceburg Chicken Swap 2 copy_zpsb4yzr5tc.jpg

Uniquely Kentucky Family Experience

What do you think of when someone says the word Kentucky?  I think it would be fair to say that for many Kentuckians, basketball comes to mind.  It would be a lot easier for me if I could say the same. I am a transplant and I was raised as a farmer's daughter in a family of women.  I didn't follow many sports teams growing up.  What I tend to associate with Kentucky would be the landscape, people and traditions. Now that we have settled permanently in Kentucky, I hope to set down roots and give my children the full Kentucky experience.  This article is the first in a Kentucky Family Fun series that will spotlight some of these unique, or at least unexpected, experiences here in the Bluegrass state.

 photo Photo Jun 02 9 18 31 AM_zpstvosdqrq.jpg
 photo Photo Jun 02 9 11 38 AM_zps1bxmnbuy.jpg

Lawrenceburg Chicken Swap

Where: Located on 8 acres at 2240 US 127, Lawrenceburg | The site of the event is an open field near the four-lane highway of US 127.

When: 8am to 1pm | 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month | March through October

What Makes it Unique: Currently the largest poultry swap in Kentucky.  Participants travel as far away as Tennessee and Ohio to sell and buy unique chickens, ducks, turkeys, quail, guinea fowl, and more.

Creature Comforts: The organizer coordinates with local food trucks to provide sustenance. There are port-a-potties on site.

Words of Advice: Bring a bottle of sanitizer and use liberally.  Petting animals as a rule is not a good idea.  Ask vendors before allowing your children to handle animals.  Message the event organizer for up to date information on scheduled petting zoo activities.  The site can be muddy if it rains.

Why: Are you considering adopting a new family pet?  Have you considered whether you might like to invest in an animal that can help you both compost and provide nutrition to your daily diet?  Is your property wooded?  Are you concerned with the increasing concern around ticks and lyme disease? The Lawrenceburg Chicken Swap is a perfect place to learn more about the benefits of raising poultry in your backyard.  
 photo Photo Jun 02 9 18 05 AM_zpsfzah0dx1.jpg

Disclaimer: This event is monitored for animal welfare concerns.  All birds must be in cages that allow for full movement and have access to water and shade for the entirety of the event.

How to Prepare: Want to learn more about raising poultry before you go?  Join the Lawrenceburg Chicken Swap Page here. Visit the UK Poultry Extension here.
 photo Fly over_zps1vww0ruh.jpg

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Friday, June 8, 2018

25 Things Kentucky Families Will Be Doing This Summer In Danville

 photo 25 Things in your Hometown  Danville copy_zpssfjzfw7g.jpg 

Looking to plan a staycation or make the most of your time with your kids this summer?  

Don't miss out on fun right at home.  Explore your local area or make a trip to Danville to complete your summer break to do list.

1) Take to the trails | at the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge
 photo 2018-06-04 14.00.42_zpsn17aclkr.jpg
2) Enjoy the small things in life | at The Great American Dollhouse Museum 
Read our review here.

3) Wait for the peach truck | at Ace Hardware and Appliances on June 22nd

4) Birdwatch | at the Central Kentucky Wildlife Refuge (it is here twice, we really love it!)

5) Watch fireworks | at Millennium Park on 4th of July

6) Explore Kentucky history | at Constitution Square Historic Site or the Historic McDowell House Museum

7) Experiment | with flavors at Elmwood Inn Fine Teas (June is Ice Team Month)
 photo 2018-06-04 17.14.28_zpswu4raajc.jpg
8) Get a brain freeze at the local ice cream shop or | at the Burgin Dairy Barn (near Danville)

9) Buy local at the farmers market | at the Boyle County Farmers Market on Saturday's from 9-1pm

10) Cheer on your favorite athlete | during the Main Street Live Cornhole Tournament on June 21st

11) Take in a local concert or play | at Mainstreet Live or at the Pioneer Playhouse

12) Play on bounce houses at Party On Air Extreme Inflatables 

13) Get emotional during an outdoor movie | while watching the Greatest Showman during Lawn Chair Theatre 

14) Swim at the Danville Public Pool 
 photo 2018-06-04 16.29.22-1_zpstu8dhuhv.jpg
15) Wave at your neighbors during a parade at the Great American Brass Band Festival (already happened, but save the dates June 6th - 9th, 2019, for their 30th anniversary)

16) Relax by or on a body of water | at Harrington Lake

17) Yard "Sale" | around Boyle County 

18) Harvest from a garden | through the Community Garden Planters

19) Experience a local fair or festival | at the Boyle County Fair, June 12th - 16th

20) Ride bikes as a family | on the 2168 Connector Trail

 photo 2018-06-04 10.21.24_zpspwesodcs.jpg21) Participate in the local Summer Reading Program | at the Boyle County Library (Why? Click Here!)

22) Shop at an antique mall or flea market | at Not Just Antiques

23) Get creative | at The Community Arts Center

24) Fish | at the pond at Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill (near Danville)

25) Go out for donuts | at Burke's Bakery


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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Let's Go Swimming Kentucky

Swimming Pools Waterparks in Kentucky

Places to go swimming / waterparks in Kentucky

It’s summertime and you know what that means… it’s time to go swimming. Question is, are you looking to try a new watering hole? Are you planning a day trip to explore your home state? Consider diving into one or more of these Kentucky Public Pools.

For the purpose of this post, public pool is defined by any pool open to the general public with or without a charge and without a membership requirement. Prices and information subject to change, please check with the venue to any updates.

Eastern Kentucky
Kentucky Splashpark and Campground | Williamsburg | 606.549.6065 | Municipal Pool and Waterpark
General Admission: 3 and up: $10
Highlights: 18,000 square foot wave pool, lazy river, kiddy activity pool, 5 slides, minigolf and camping

Berea Swimming Pool | Berea | 859.986.9591 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $4, Children $3, After 4:30: $2
Highlights: Speed & curly slide, zero depth entry, 12 foot diving well

Dawson Pool | Ashland | 606.329.1676 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $3, Children: $2
Highlights: Great value, playground, small slide

Central Kentucky
Florence Family Aquatic Center | Florence | 859.647.4619 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: They have resident and non-resident daily rates between $5-10
Highlights: Lazy river, zero depth entry, two spraygrounds, spiral and speed slides, and shade

Lexington Aquatic Centers (Seven in All) | Lexington | 859.288.2974 | Municipal Pools
General Admission: $5-4, Children: $4-3
Highlights: Differs depending on pool

Juniper Hill Family Aquatic Center | Frankfort | 502.352.2037 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: 11 & Up: $6, 3-10: $5, After 4pm: $3
Highlights: Centrally located and a great value, especially after 4:00
Click here for a review. 

Nicholasville/Jessamine County Aquatic Center | Nicholasville | 859.887.2853 | YMCA Pool
General Admission: $6, 3-15: $4
Highlights: Great value considering there is plenty of shade and activities

Bardstown City Pool | Bardstown | 502.348.9281 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $5

Danville-Boyle County Pool | Danville | 859.238.1233 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $3 during the week and $2 on weekends
Highlights: A+ on Staff, clean and super affordable, gazebo picnic area and small slide

Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay | Louisville | 502.813.8200 | Waterpark
General Admission: $44.95, Under 48" tall: $39.95
Highlights: 2 wave pools, a lazy river you can ride ALL day and many different slides

Algonquin Park | Louisville | 502.772.7907 | Metro Park Pool

Fairdale (Nelson Hornbeck Park) | Louisville | 502.361.8270 | Metro Park Pool

Norton (Camp Taylor Memorial Park) | Louisville | 502.451.0678 | Metro Park Pool

Sun Valley Park | Louisville | 502.935.0302 | Metro Park Pool

John W. Black Aquatic Center | La Grange | 502.225.0656 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: 13-59: $6, 3-12: $5, 60+: $4
Highlights: Stand up paddle yoga on Saturdays from 10-11, slides and pool parties available

Clear Creek Park Family Activity Center | Shelbyville | 502.633.5059 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: 14-59: $6, 3-13: $4, 60+: $5
Highlights: Zero depth entry, water slide and spray features

 photo IMG_8630_zpstkb5p8xy.jpg SomerSpalsh Waterpark | Somerset | 606.679.7946 | Municipal Water Park
General Admission: $16.95, 48 inches and shorter: $14.95
Highlights: Touted as Kentucky’s Best Waterpark, lazy river, water playground with 30 interactives, tube slides, and wave pool. Click here for our review. 

LexFun4Kids has great info too!
Louisville Family Fun has info too!

Western Kentucky
Leitchfield Aquatic Center | Leitchfield | 270.259.4420 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $7, 8-15: $6, 5-7: $5, 2-4: $3
Highlights: Zero depth entry, large splash & play center, lazy river, lily pads and slides
Upcoming Events: World’s Largest Swim Lesson - June 21 & Midnight Swim - June 23

Venture River Water Park | Eddyville | 270.388.7999 | Waterpark
General Admission: $26, Under 54” tall: $21, Seniors: $10, 2 and under free
Highlights: 18 different slides, 18,000 square foot wave pool, lazy river, rentable cabanas

Glasgow City Pool | Glasgow | 270.651.9296 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $5, 3-12: $

Beech Bend Amusement Park | Bowling Green | 270.781.7634 | Waterpark
General Admission: $35.99, Under 54" tall: $31.99, 60+: $31.99, 2 and under Free
Highlights: Lazy River, Wave Pool, Water Slides, Lilly Pad and Interactive Playground
Click here for our review.

 photo 20150807_100525_zpstecuocaw.jpg
Russell Sims Aquatic Center | Bowling Green | 270.393.3271 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $8, 6-15: $5, 3-5: $4, 0-2: $2, Seniors: $5
Highlights: Zero depth entry, splash playground, two water slides, and diving boards

Madisonville City Park Pool | Madisonville | 270-834-2155 | Municipal Pool
General Admission: $3, 5 and under: $2


Here's a video about SomerSplash
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Monday, June 4, 2018

Corvette Museum in Bowling Green

 photo IMG_4261_zps1npnzfd6.jpgWe recently took a road trip down to the Corvette Museum to celebrate my son’s birthday. The Corvette Museum is located in Bowling Green, KY, an easy hour and a half drive from Louisville. We arrived around 10:30am (they are on Central Time Zone) and we were happy to find out that the Corvette Rides had no wait (this is an extra cost on top of the museum price and a waiver needs to be signed). There were 3 cars to choose from and one child picked the 1966 Rally Red Convertible 327 and the other chose the 1979 Corvette Red Coupe. They loved the ride and the drivers did a good job explaining some about the cars and giving them safety tips. The trip lasted about 15 minutes and both boys said they had a great time and got to go fast around the track!

By this time we were all hungry so we stopped in at the Corvette CafĂ© and had lunch. They had a small menu but just enough choices to make us all happy. A kid’s menu was available as well as burgers, salads, hot dogs, and BLTs. They also had malts, shakes, and cookies but we did not indulge on this trip.

 photo IMG_4269_zpskbhemmkz.jpgOnce we finished up our meals we headed out to the museum and passed cars that were custom ordered that lined the walkways inside the building. As we were walking one of the owners came to pick up his car and got to drive out of the building to a round of applause from all the museum goers.

Once we made it to the museum we were delighted to take a trip down memory lane with Corvette’s from the 1950s or so to the present, all surrounded by history of their time. We also found a Kid Zone that had fun car activities to explore. This included a toy car that was in need of maintenance and all the tools needed to fix it.

 photo IMG_4280_zpskceywnrm.jpgAll the cars on display had fast facts nearby with loads of information. The Corvette Cave-In: The Skydome Sinkhole Experience was also a neat exhibit that explores what happened the day of the sink-in, the recovery, how it was fixed, and the cars that were salvaged and those that were not. You can even look down a 48” manhole into the cave under the Skydome.

 photo IMG_4285_zpsosxlurfu.jpgWe had a great time and spent about 2 hours exploring. The Corvette Museum also offers a Corvette Simulator, Go-Karts, Corvette Touring (4 laps with a pace car) and more! Some of these are only offered at certain times so make sure to check the website for more information. The Corvette Museum is located at 350 Corvette Drive, Bowling Green, KY 42101.

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