A weekend at the Galt House Hotel Part 1

My family and I were invited to spend a weekend at the Galt House hotel, to take in the sights of their Christmas attraction, and to enjoy their holiday dinner show. In the interest of a concise review I have decided to break it into three parts.

First, I wanted to review the stay at the hotel itself. At the Galt House there are two towers that you can stay in, the Revue tower and the Suite tower. We were provided with an executive suite for our stay, the Galt House’s website says “it is bigger than your first apartment.” I think that they might be right in some cases.

The room that we were given was very large! Upon opening the door to the room, we entered a living room type area. This area had a couch, chair, large TV and a ‘bar’ area that had a mini fridge and coffee maker. When you walked further you were taken to a hallway of sorts, it had a very large bathroom on the left and a makeup vanity on the right. I love areas like that because I can put on makeup and fix my hair while someone else is taking a shower or brushing teeth. Walking out of that area you are in the room with the beds. We had a room with two queen sized beds, our kiddos ages 3 and 5 were along for the trip. That room also had a TV and our window had a view of the Yum Center.

Upon checking out I inquired as to how much the room runs and they told me that the price fluctuates depending on how full the hotel is and other factors. The rate for the night that we stayed would have cost us $165. I thought that price was very reasonable, especially since chances are you don’t want to go to bed when you little ones do. The living area gives you the option to watch TV or chat after you put your kids to bed.

My kids loved the stay at the hotel, and my husband I are talking about going back and staying over night for my birthday in December.

Here is a link to the Galt House website for you to check out yourself!