End Summer with Natural Bridge State Park

Can ya’ll even believe that school starts for some districts this week?! My kiddos start on Wednesday and I am not ready for all the homework I they will have to do!

Someone asked me recently how I would spend the last few days of summer vacation, you know if I didn’t have to go to my day job. 

Here is what I would do:

I would head to Natural Bridge State Park. With the many miles of trails to hike, and amazing scenery along the way, it is the perfect way to stretch your legs before the reality of school sets in! 

In the park there is also a mini golf course that is open from Memorial Day until October. There is a fee that is charged per round, so be sure to keep that in mind. 

There is also a pool that the public can use for a $4 for adults and $3 for kids if you aren’t staying in the cottage. Cottage guests can use the pool free of charge. 

The sky lift is also a classic part of Natural Bridge State Park! If your legs or the little legs in your group tire easily then there is a sky lift to take you to the top! It is $12 per person so that can add up quickly! 

While there aren’t a tremendous amount of restaurants in the area, there is one that you absolutely can’t miss. It is called Miguel’s Pizza. I am not sure what makes the pizza so good, maybe it is because you don’t have many choices. What ever the reason it is delish! 

Now that you have heard what I would do to squeeze the most out of the remaining days of summer, I want to know what you would do!