Paoli Peaks or Perfect North? Great for a day of Family Fun!

Where to go skiing,  Paoli Peaks or Perfect North?

We need a reason to get out of the house with our families in winter and skiing is a great option. These places are not in Kentucky, we know that….but we also know that a lot of Kentucky families head to these slopes so here are ten amazing reasons to snow ski this winter with your family!

I have visited Paoli Peaks and Perfect North, they both offer a family-friendly environment that you will love. Included are some tips from a mom that understands that cost is always a question. I began skiing at Paoli Peaks as a small child, my parents put me in the children’s beginner class back in the 80s and I still love skiing. It’s a wonderful memory I will never forget! I was able to ski just like mom and dad, or even better after my beginner class. I am now in my 40s and have taken my children every year to experience the same adventure.  Both of my children went to the beginner classes at Paoli Peaks, this way I could teach my husband that is from PA that never skied before! So, what is the difference between the two places??

Both are fantastic family fun……..

1. They both cost around the same for the day, weekdays are cheaper than weekends. Really, if you’re like me, the weekend is the only way I can enjoy this adventure.  So, what’s the cost? It’s around $80.00 per person for a ski lift and rentals.  This price includes lessons for your children, just be mindful of the time difference.  We missed out on the lessons due to the time difference last year!   (Perfect North operates on Eastern Time, Paoli Peaks on Central Time).

2. If you have family that cannot or will not ski……you can see your family coming down the slopes at Perfect North, they have a lodge located at the bottom of the hills (perfect for someone that wants to watch and not ski).  At Paoli Peaks, the lodge is at the top of the hill, so you don’t have as much of a view as a spectator.

 photo FullSizeRender7_zpsoeyu0vvf.jpg

3. Both of them have a comfortable ski lodge with a wood burning fireplace for your enjoyment, many folks sit by the fire and enjoy a good book while their family skis.

4. Food is about the same at both facilities, I totally recommend you pack a lunch and some hot chocolate for your family to enjoy.  The cafeterias are fine but very expensive!

5.  Both Paoli Peaks and Perfect North offer free lessons to children that are with a paying adult!

6. Both Paoli Peaks and Perfect North office discount tickets for children 12 and under.

7. If you want to give snow boarding a try,  Paoli Peaks and Perfect North have snow board rentals which are also included in the price of ski rentals for the day.

8.  If you don’t want to ski, both facilities have SNOW TUBING! We enjoyed snow tubing at Paoli Peaks; they offer a discount on the next day to stay over to snow tube and ski.

8.  They both have affordable overnight options; we rented a cabin at Paoli Peaks that was less than 5 miles from the slopes.

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9. Both facilities have a gift shop for you to purchase snow bibs, jackets, snow goggles and more……just in case you forgot anything you may need for the day.

10. Tips: Remember to bring extra gloves (if it’s you 1st time skiing you will be on the ground a lot, until you get the hang of it).  Your gloves will be wet, and you will need to replace them with dry ones throughout the day. Layer up! Make sure you wear water-proof clothes and a snow hat. Bring a change of cloths for the end of the day.

Have fun!