Beat Boredom During Spring Break at Home

Spring Break at Home.

Quick and Easy Ways to Beat Mid Break Boredom! 

Spring Break at Home

Many Kentucky families are spending spring break at home this year. Whether you are a few days into the week out of school or you will be in the weeks ahead, we have a few ideas to keep boredom at bay. You can take these ideas and scale them up or back, depending on time and resources. 

Turning Your Backyard into a Campsite
Creating a camping experience right in your backyard is a convenient way to enjoy the outdoors. Set up your tent on a relatively flat area in your back yard not too far from the house for easy access to any necessities.

To enhance the campsite vibe, add some outdoor lights like string lights or portable lanterns for when the sun sets. A campfire in a fire pit is central to the at-home camping experience, perfect for sharing stories and roasting treats like marshmallows. Place chairs safely around the fire pit. Have a portable grill or camping stove ready for easy meal prep, and consider bringing out some games or a guitar for entertainment.

When it’s time to wind down, make sure tents are cozy with comfortable sleeping bags or bedding. Enjoy the tranquility of being outdoors, whether that’s by stargazing or simply listening to the sounds of the night. Remember to practice fire safety and keep a first aid kit nearby for a worry-free backyard camping adventure.


Spa Day for Kids
Hosting a spa day for your kids can encourage self-care, relaxation, and creativity. Whether you plan this for your kids or host a group, the kids will feel pampered and loved, all while keeping things stress-free and enjoyable for everyone. This is also a great opportunity to ask a favorite aunt or best friend to help out! 
Choose a quiet spot in your home and make it cozy with soft towels, comfy pajamas or robes, and soothing background music. Set up a station for facials that includes mild cleansers, moisturizers, lip balm, and face masks, letting the kids have fun mixing and matching their spa treatments. Next, move on to a mini mani-pedi station, offering a variety of nail colors and some playful nail stickers for a bit of flair. Create a hair styling zone equipped with soft brushes, combs, and fun hair accessories like hair tinsel, allowing them to play around with different styles. Keep things simple and child-friendly with mild products.
To wind down, set up a quiet area with a selection of books or coloring materials, creating a peaceful spot for them to relax after their mini treatments.

Thanks to Courtney Norris for the photo and this recipe for Butter beer: Cup of half and half frothed up, then add 1/8 cup of butterscotch topping and half cup marshmallow fluff and mix; top the cream soda

Themed Movie Night 

Add some Hollywood to your spring break at home! Consider a themed movie night for the kids. Pick a theme they love, like superheroes, cartoons, or animals, and choose a few movies that fit. Set up a comfy spot in the living room with lots of pillows and blankets where they can relax and watch.


Keep decorations simple – maybe some balloons or posters related to the movies. For snacks, have popcorn and theme-related treats like decorated cookies or animal crackers for an animal-themed night. 


Find a quick game or a fun quiz online about the movies you’re going to watch. This keeps things lively and makes the movie night more interactive for the kids. 

This easy movie night plan is perfect for a small group of kids to enjoy some favorite films and themed fun during spring break.


Easy Neighborhood Karaoke Party 

Throwing a neighborhood karaoke party during spring break is a fantastic way to connect with your neighbors without much fuss. If the weather is mild, your backyard is the perfect spot to gather.


Spread the word with a simple message on your neighborhood’s social media page or a group chat – it’s quick and reaches everyone instantly. For the karaoke setup, keep it simple: a basic karaoke machine or a home karaoke app connected to a speaker will do. Make sure there’s a variety of songs so everyone finds something they like.


On the day, have your karaoke station ready and maybe throw in a few chairs for the audience or you include a “Bring Your Own Chair” message in the invite. No need for elaborate decorations or structured categories – the aim is to keep things relaxed and fun. Encourage everyone to give it a go, but keep the atmosphere light and pressure-free.


You can do a few fun contests with prizes to encourage participation. This casual get-together is all about enjoying each other’s company and the simple joy of music, making for a memorable spring break event with minimal planning and effort.


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