Train Rides & Museums around Kentucky

 KY Train Fun 

Until I started with Kentucky Family Fun, I had zero clue just how many train related places in Kentucky there are. From the passenger trains that you can take a tour on, to the museums and everything in between.  We thought wouldn’t it be nice to have all of that information in one place?

Without further ado, we give you trains all around Kentucky!

Kentucky Railway Museum – Located in New Haven, Kentucky. Don’t let the name fool you, they also offer a tremendous amount of activities on board their trains in addition to the museum that is also on site.

The Historic RailPark and Train Museum – Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, this historic site is truly a museum on rails. The cars no longer chug up and down the tracks but you can climb aboard for a tour or stay for a special event dinner. Fun fact, when I was in culinary school my class catered an event on this train.

Bluegrass Scenic Railroad & Museum – Located in Versailles, Kentucky. This attraction is also museum in addition to a working railroad. They have a bunch of different train rides that go on all throughout the year. Like the Easter Bunny train ride.

Big South Fork Scenic Railway – Located in Stearns, Kentucky. This railway is strictly that, just a railway. They have some really unique events that go on, say a date night on the Moonshine limited train!

Nostalgia Station Toy Train Museum – Located in Versailles, Kentucky. This stop on our list is exactly what it sounds like. If you could dream it up as far as toy trains go, they probably have it.

Elkhorn City Railroad Museum – Located in Elkhorn, Kentucky. This is truly just a museum. They have historic pieces various eras in train history.

My Old Kentucky Dinner Train – Located in Bardstown, Kentucky. Schedule an time to eat dinner in style on this train.

Paducah RailRoad Museum – Located in Paducah, Kentucky. There is a lot to learn about train history and you can do it in Paducah at this museum!

Railway Museum of Greater Cincinnati – Located in Covington, Kentucky. The museum is an entirely outside experience so come prepared for the elements. You are treated to seeing trains of yesterday up close and personal here.

Have you been to any of these attractions? Which one is your favorite?