We love Bowling Green and Louisville too!

Just the other day the National Geographic declared Bowling Green and Louisville Kentucky some of the “world’s best cities.”

I couldn’t agree more, between living in Bowling Green for several years while attending college and calling Louisville my home for my entire life. I feel pretty lucky to be able to tell our readers about places that the world is just finding out about.

The article highlights the Corvette Museum which has sleigh rides with Santa on December 7th. Bowling Green has so much to offer families, did you know that in the Greenwood Mall they have a carousel?

The article brings to focus the dining scene in Louisville, highlight our signature dish the hot brown. Which if you haven’t tried it needs to happen soon!

It makes me really happy to know that the rest of the world is starting to take notice of what we who are lucky enough to live in this great state already know, we have some amazing towns to visit!

What is your favorite thing to do in Bowling Green or Louisville?