3 Timely Reasons to Visit a Kentucky Public Library

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We know working families have it tough.  There just isn’t enough time in the day, week, month… to get everything done.  Someone asked me recently, “When does parenting get easier?”  Well, it doesn’t. It just gets different.  We are here to encourage you to walk away from your dirty dishes and laundry and take advantage of the present moment with your child.  You don’t have to go far to make a lasting memory and enjoy your child at whatever stage they are in.

 photo 2018-05-05 15.33.34_zpspzq1ik6q.jpg1. Escape the Crowds Around Popular Kentucky Events

Events like the Kentucky Derby are not for everyone. Sometimes what we really want is to avoid the chaos, big sporting events cause.  You don’t have to go far to find a place to escape.  Just look to your neighboring county public library. Make a day of exploring another Kentucky town and stop by and check out their local library.  You don’t have to have a library card to find a comfortable chair, interactive experiences for your children and a place your teen can escape.

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2. Give Your Child an Opportunity to Practice Responsibility

you remember the feeling of filling up your first wallet? Have your kids ever
asked for an empty gift card so they can have 
play cards for their wallets? Getting a library card for the first time is a right of passage in childhood, but not every child gets the opportunity. What a perfect way to transition children into a world of responsibility, celebrate your child’s maturity with their own Library Card.

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3. Play and Engage with Your Child(ren) Without Interruptions

Away from the endless tasks at home, you can focus on your children and enjoy just being present with them. Jessamine County Public Library, our local library, offers many of the interactive toys you might find in a Children’s Museum in a city.  Without having to buy them yourself, you can enjoy blocks, puzzles, and board games and of course BOOKS!  Reading to our children daily is so important and with the constant distractions of devices and TV, a regular visit to the library offers a much-needed break.

Visit here for a complete list of Kentucky Libraries by County and don’t forget to sign your child up for the “Libraries Rock” summer reading program!