5 Father/ Son Christmas Gift Ideas

We have reached the point in the holiday shopping season where you are starting to feel panicky and desperate when you think about the gifts you have left to purchase. Or is it just me? Which got me thinking about the gift(s) that I have left to purchase for my husband. I thought I would share some of my ideas. 

All of these ideas center around things that my husband and sons can do together and they have all been mentioned to me as something he wants to do with them. 

1. A trip to the Red River Gorge. When I say a trip I don’t mean an overnight stay necessarily, but rather providing somethings to make those things possible. A pre paid gas card, a gift certificate to Miguel’s, and maybe some new water bottles for their hiking. You see if your family is anything like mine there are times where putting an extra tank of gas in your husband’s full size truck just isn’t going to happen financially. If you have gas money set aside for such a trip it just becomes a matter of when time permits. 

2. My husband has been super jealous ever since I got to go and experience Mega Quest at Louisville Mega Cavern. He and my oldest son would love to go and have a day at the cavern, the youngest child that can do the quest is 5 so make sure you plan accordingly. For this ‘experience gift’ I would pair the mega quest for the two of them with a gift card to their favorite restaurant, Chuy’s

3. Ale 8 One is the drink of choice at my house. Their bottling facility is located in Winchester and they give free tours, however reservations have to be made in advance. The Daniel Boone National Forest is also located in Winchester and is also free. For this gift I would take care of the reservation (calling people on the phone isn’t is his thing) for the Ale 8 plant tour and also give a designated gas card since Winchester is a little bit away from our house. Three Trees Canoe and Kayak offers canoe trips if the guys in your life would enjoy such an adventure. Mine sure would! 

4. My boys adore going to Bernheim Forest, so a day trip to hike and get their hands dirty would be just what they need! This gift would be a picnic basket with an IOU of a picnic lunch for them! Bernheim is free of charge during the week and is $5 per car load on the weekend. 

5. My husband and sons always love going to the movies and it is a real treat around here because it can get so pricey. Giving vouchers from your local movie theater wrapped with your guy’s favorite movie treat is a fun surprise! 

These ideas could also be for moms and daughters or any other combination of family members.