5 places in Kentucky your kids need to see…before they grow up!

Time with our kids while they are little is so very limited, and there is so much to do with them it is hard to even begin to plan what to start with. So we thought hard about 5 things that are classically Kentucky that you must take your kids to see while they are still little.

1. Natural Bridge – Kid or not this area so so breathtaking, your kids will marvel at the bridge way up in the sky! If you aren’t up for hiking you can take a chair lift up to the top, little legs will have an easier time going down that hiking up.

2. Mammoth Cave – There is nothing quite like Mammoth Cave, being underground in this enormous space is pretty amazing and awe inspiring. Plus you are sneaking in a little education as well!

3. Kentucky Horse Park – Some would argue that Churchill Downs should hold this spot but, that is a place better suited for when your kids are actually grown up! The horse park provides so much history and insight into the horse industry, not just racehorses. There is the opportunity to see the all of the components that make up owning and caring for a horse.

4. Cumberland Falls National Park – These falls are often referred to as the Niagara Falls of the South. If you time your visit right you can plan to see the Moonbow that happens at the falls.

5. Louisville Slugger Museum – There is just something about a bat being taller than a building that makes kids marvel in wonder. That is just outside! Once you step inside you are taken of a tour of the factory and your kids get to leave with a mini bat to remember the trip by!

How many of these places have you visited with your kids? What will you try to visit next?