5 Things to do with Kids in Hazard & Perry Counties

In the far Eastern part of our great state lie Hazard & Perry Counties. There is so much nature to explore and fun to be had with your family!

Listed below are 5 picks that we think you and your family would really enjoy on your visit to Hazard and Perry Counties.

1. Buckhorn Lake State Resort – This Resort tops our list, due to the huge variety of activities that are available. You and your family can hike, participate in water sports in the lake or relax in the beautiful lodge.

2. Visit the Perry County Park– There is something for everyone to do here! You are likely to make everyone happy between the putt-putt golf, outdoor pool and skateboard area!

3. Tour the Bobby Davis Museum – This museum tells the story of Hazard County. It opened in 1984 and it has really grown into something quite amazing, with a beautiful garden and a playground for the kids.

4. The Mother Goose Building – While this is an unconventional attraction, your kids will talk for long after your trip about the building with the goose on the top of it!

5. Carr Creek Lake – This lake and the area surrounding it is the perfect place for you and your family to leave technology behind and enjoy natures beauty together!