Bee My Honey Brunch at Shaker Village

 photo shaker_zps6y7a8qvf.jpgAre you looking for something unique to do for Valentine’s Day?  I am sure you are thinking of the adorable crafty things you can do for your children to show them you love them, but what about you?

The Bee My Honey Brunch if February 13th in the morning.  It is $50 per person and is full of the wonderful flavor of honey.  Three courses of delights – with some Old Forester for a kick!

You will also enjoy a private tour – did you know that Shaker Village has an apiary?  (If you need to google that like I did – it’s a collection of beehives).  Music, interesting foods, great company – it sounds wonderful!

You could event stay the night and make a weekend out of it – they have a 20% discount if you attend the brunch and want to stay the night!

Details on everything and tickets by clicking here.