Issac’s Cafe at Bernheim Forest

On Tuesday of this week I was invited to Bernheim Arboreum and research center to check out all of the things that they had been working on in Issac’s Cafe.

*Cue the musings that Bernheim even has a place to eat*

Believe me. They do, and if you haven’t indulged you are missing out.

They are really rocking out with the food they are serving to their customers especially in the space that they have to work in. They have a kitchen that is slightly bigger than a food truck kitchen, with only crockpots and a panini press to work with. In another building there is an oven where they can make a very small percentage of the items that they sell. That space is truly the little kitchen that could.

Exactly 200 steps away from the cafe you will find the Edible Garden.

So far this season they have harvested 150 lbs of food that has been used in the cafe. Ya’ll that is an incredible amount of food!

I was privileged enough to sample some of the items on the Summer here.

menu that rolled out on June 10th. I have to be honest when I was presented with the Kale Slaw and Roasted Beet Salad I politely took some because I was the guest who was there to write about the food. I took seconds and maybe even thirds I lost track because it was so amazingly delicious. You can check out the menu

The turkey lemon twist was for sure my favorite sandwich with the nutty bird coming in a close second.

The cafe offers a vegan menu that would rival any restaurant in Louisville, because they know what vegans are looking for having vegans on staff.

The miso soup with tons of fresh veggies to add in, was so good I was wishing that I had a thermos or at least an empty container to take home a serving for lunch the next day!

I encourage you to bring your kids for a hike around Bernheim and a tour of the garden (please don’t pick the produce) and finish off the day with lunch in the cafe.

The cafe is open daily from 11am to 4pm.

When will you go to try out the food?