Kentucky’s Best Loved Dishes & Recipes

A whole other life ago, I went to culinary school and in my free time I love to spend it in my kitchen experimenting. I started thinking about all of the amazing dishes that Kentucky gets to claim.

 The Kentucky Hot Brown, this one is probably the most obvious. I am a hot brown lover, there isn’t a hot brown that I don’t like. There is even something called the Hot Brown Hop in Louisville. Given the amount of calories in one of these rich dishes I suggest you break up the hop over a couple of years. Damaris Phillips is a Food Network star from Kentucky and she has a unique twist on the hot brown. Try her out her recipe

Do you burgoo? Burgoo is a hearty stew that is traditionally made with game meats, think squirrel, opossum and their relatives. If that makes you a little squeamish you can give it a try with chicken and beef. People dig burgoo so much there is a festival just for the hearty stew. You can try a some restaurants like Mark’s Feed Store. If you want to give it a whirl in your own home this recipe is an awesome one, bonus points for the bourbon in the recipe! 

Fancy having a tea party and inviting your friends over for benedictine? I don’t blame you! I love benedictine, what makes it even tastier is that it isn’t a bit hard to make. If you go out of state asking for it you are bound to get funny looks, so make a big batch of this recipe and take it with ya! 

To round things out you can’t have a complete Kentucky meal with out bourbon balls or a Derby Pie. Something you should remember is you can’t technically call your pie a “derby” pie unless it comes from Kern’s Kitchen. We have some pretty close copycat recipes though! This pie recipe is super easy to make and very tasty. 

I don’t have a bourbon ball recipe that I like enough to share but I do have a good friend that makes the best bourbon truffles that you would ever want to taste! She even sent her truffles to Hollywood last year to be part of the Oscar swag bags! Check out Art Eatables

I love new recipes, if you have one that you want to share I would love to hear about it!