12 Things to Know when Visiting Lost River Cave

Lost River Cave is a fantastic place to spend the day with kids

Lost River Cave is in Bowling Green

1.  Touring the grounds at Lost River Cave, hiking and the nature play area – FREE. Come and go all day to Lost River Cave with kids. We did!


2.  Plan to buy something at the gift shop – it’s NICE. Like, you walk in and stop and look around and wonder – am I in the right place?

lost river cave

3.  It’s an independent non-profit so your dollars support their educational and preservation efforts.

4. The boat tour is worth the money.  The tour guides were funny, knowledgeable and totally in love with this place which made for a great experience.  Tip them, see #3 – they can likely use the money.

Lost River Cave with kids
5. Get the junior tour guide books when visiting Lost River Cave with kids.  Request them in the gift shop, this activity is free and my kids love it.  They get a nice activity book to go through and are rewarded when they complete it!

Lost River Cave with kids

6. If you live nearby, they have camps!  There were kids there having a blast over spring break.

7.  Butterfly habitat May-Sept, it’s back along the trails and from the looks of it – it’s worth the short hike back there to check it out when it’s open.

Lost River Cave with kids
8. Hiking trails are not too treacherous which makes visiting more open to everyone!

9. They have a Nature Trading post that is open the 2nd & 4th Sat April – Oct.  It back along the trails like the butterfly habitat.  Check it out for additional experiences.

10. You can have an event there, even a wedding in the cave!  Seriously – it use the be a nightclub. I kid you not.

11. There are many places to eat nearby if you don’t bring a picnic.  If you head into town on Nashville Rd, there are tons of options – I noticed Lost River Pizza Co and Home Café which both get great reviews online.


lost river cave
12. You will LEARN while having fun at Lost River Cave with kids. The best kind of fun is when you take away knowledge! Like these blue holes – I know what they are and you will too – after you visit Lost River Cave!

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