My Town Monday: Florence, Kentucky

Our great state of Kentucky, has 120 counties and even more little towns that fill these counties. They are made up of hard working good people, that are raising families and earning a living in this state. We want to recognize these places, some times they are map dots, sometimes they are a big metropolis.

Today’s spotlight is Florence ya’ll, sorry I couldn’t help myself! My husband and I traveled to Cincinnati on Sunday to see a Bengals football game. As we passed the infamous water tower I thought to myself I know that Florence has an awesome water tower but what is there to do if you stop there for a little family fun? Here is what I discovered in my research. 

Did you know that Florence is home to the Behringer-Crawford Museum? The museum is dedicated to educating people about Northern Kentucky’s history. Admission for children is $4 and adults are $7. 

There is even a place called The World of Golf that you and your family can check out. They have a miniature golf course, foot golf and even an indoor driving range. 

When it is baseball season, you can check out the Florence Freedom they are a minor league baseball team. 

You could always check out a race at Turfway Park, what can I say we love horse racing in Kentucky! 

There are plenty of things to do in Florence, Kentucky! What do you like to do in Florence?