Rainy Day Indoor Activities in Northern Kentucky

It is getting to be that time of the year, where the weather is either rainy, cold or snowy. Here in Kentucky those days can seem to stretch on FOREVER. So we wanted to make your job easier and come up with a list of bad weather activities that you and your family can do no matter what the weatherman says is going to happen!

Newport Aquarium – Newport Aquarium is at the top of our list for family fun in the Northern Kentucky area.

Lazer Kraze 

Nothing cures the rainy day blues quite like a friendly game of lazer tag with your family!

Totters Otterville

Want your kiddos to burn off some steam but the playground is too muddy? This indoor play area is just what you need!

Jump Zone

If bounce houses make your kids super excited then this attraction will be right up their alley!

Axis Alley

Bowing always proves to be a fantastic time, no matter the weather!


For slightly older kids let them experience the thrill of go kart racing!

This is just an example of 6 different things that you and your family can do when the weather isn’t so great. We’d love to hear what you do with your family in Northern Kentucky when it is yucky outside!