Review: The Arctic Scoop

I caught wind of a new ice cream place in Louisville just off of Hurstbourne lane, and I loaded up the kids.

The Arctic Scoop is located in the shopping center with the Barnes and Noble and took over the old Grater’s Ice Cream location.

When we walked in, there were three large chalk boards with ice cream flavor options, mix in options and the other had milk options ( 14% fat milk, 10% fat milk,  yogurt base, soy or almond milk) I loved that there are so many options allowing everyone in your group to be able to enjoy a treat!

The very helpful staff explained the process to us, first you pick a type of milk, then choose a base for the ice cream. The base that I picked was the sugar cookie, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw them crumble an actual sugar cookie into the milk base. The other mix ins that I opted for were brownies and raspberries.

The staff added all of these ingredients into the mixing bowl before the freezing process began. The ice cream isn’t actually made when you order it. All of the ice cream componants are made, mixed together and then frozen to order. They use liquid nitrogen to freeze your concoction into ice cream. My kids were fascinated watching the process happen. This is the only ice cream place of its kind in Kentucky.

The end result was a HUGE cup of ice cream, I got the ‘regular’ size as did my two kids! It was a ton of ice cream. I was told that it could be re-frozen before we left if we wanted to take it home and stick it in the freezer for later. That is such a nice option, however we weren’t going straight home so we didn’t go that route.

Here is the only thing I didn’t love, and you can be sure I will still be back maybe just not as often.

It was a little pricey, the prices are $5 for a regular size cup and $7 for a large cup. They do not offer kid sizes, and each cup was way more than my 3 and 5 year old could handle. **Edit** As of this update they have added kids sizes! Yay! ** 

We did return the next day, see I told you it wouldn’t keep me too far away! We returned because my kids were so excited to show their Dad who was at work when we ventured in the first time and my parents. We combatted the portion size problem by getting the kids to agree on a flavor to split. By doing it that way my kids had manageable sizes and I didn’t feel badly throwing away what they couldn’t eat.