Shark Bridge at The Newport Aquarium.

It is no secret that we love visiting the Newport Aquarium, it seems like they are aways adding new things to do and see.

The latest addition, hasn’t even opened yet, but you can enter to win a chance to give the exhibit a whirl before anyone else! That can be done here.

The attraction is called Shark Bridge, and it is exactly what it seems like! The Shark Bridge is a suspended over nearly 2 dozen sharks. Let that sink in for just a second, it is a bridge that is just inches above the tank where the shark tank sits.

If you are a Newport Aquarium season pass holder, you can attend a special event where you are given the chance to cross the bridge prior to the exhibit opening to the public! That event takes place on April 29th and will feature chicken nuggets from Chick-fil-a, exclusive animal encounters in addition to other fun activities! You can find out more about this event just for pass holders here.

Do you think you are brave enough to cross? It makes me nervous just looking at it!