A weekend at the Galt House Part 2 KaLightoscope

Part of our family’s weekend at the Galt House and quite possibly the main reason we were invited was to get a glimpse of the all new KaLightoscope feature.

Tickets are a very reasonable $12 for adults and $5 for children. in years past the ticket only granted one time entry guests are now allowed to come throughout the entire day.

The theme of the experience this year is A Christmas Carol. The luminary area is totally different than in years past. We sat with a lovely couple for dinner after our KaLightoscope experience and their teenage boys totally loved the luminaries. We have smaller kids that are 3 and 5, they were a little frightened by the ghosts and the graveyard scenes. My recommendation would be to read the story or watch the movie with your kids to familiarize them with the story.

After the luminary portion of the KaLightoscope you walk into a room that here.

has a stage where Elves do a performance for the kids and place to write letters to Santa. Then you can take a stroll through the Christmas village where there are several different vignettes for the kids to explore with their little hands. A green screen sleigh ride that looks like you are going over the city of Louisville, see our video

Your kids can make snowflakes with the snow fairies and can make wishes with her as well. There is a giant gingerbread house and other smaller gingerbread house lining the room.

Oh! I can’t leave out the train that the

kids got to ride on. My boys thought it was funny that mom and dad couldn’t get on the train with them.

 Everyone that visits the Galt House has access to getting their

 picture taken with Santa, and is emailed a free picture.

Have you been to KaLightoscope? Do you think that you will go?