Best Drives in Kentucky for Fall Colors

It is no secret around my house that I love fall. In fact, I have a batch of pumpkin butter and apple butter on the stove to give to neighbors as “happy fall” presents! So when the first leaf starts to turn the glorious fall colors I do a happy dance!

What better way to see the fall beauty of our state than to go cruising on the back roads.

I present to you 4 back roads to take during the fall!

1. Venture over to Pine Mountain Road. This showcase of fall beauty is located in Breaks Interstate Park, this park straddles the West Virginia/Kentucky line. Check out more information about the drive here.  Be sure to take your time, as the road is very, very curvy.

2. Head to the Red River Gorge. This area is filled with natural beauty any time of the year but there seems to be something just magical about fall! Drive the roads in the gorge and be sure to stop at Miguel’s for pizza while you are out that way!

3. Ironworks Pike, in Lexington is a great road for a fall sightseeing trip. Traveling on this road will take you past the Kentucky Horse Park and past many beautiful fall sights!

4. Head over to Clermont and drive through Bernheim Forest. Then park the car and hop out for a hike to see the colors up close and personal.