Deal Alert! Louisville Mega Cavern

The other day I was stumbling through Groupon and I wanted to make sure that everyone knew about the deal the Louisville Mega Cavern has going on, through TODAY only.

They do so many things there year round that are so awesome, like Mega Zips and Mega Quest. Louisville Family Fun wrote a review of the Mega Quest that a bunch of the writers went on, you can read about it here.

The Groupon is for another attraction that they have, the Lights Under Louisville event. If you live in Louisville then I am sure that you have heard about it or probably even know someone who has experienced it.

For those outside of Louisville, let me just say it is worth the trip up. Make it a night to remember! Last year my family and I popped popcorn, stopped to get candy and hot chocolate. Just a  heads up, the wait to get in to the cavern for the lights can get pretty long so you might want to bring something for squirmy kids to do!

Anyway, if you think that you might want to experience it with you and your family grab the Groupon and surprise your kiddos!