My Town Monday: Ashland, KY

Our great state of Kentucky, has 120 counties and even more little towns that fill these counties. They are made up of hard working good people, that are raising families and earning a living in this state. We want to recognize these places, some times they are map dots, sometimes they are a big metropolis.

Today’s My Town Monday Spotlight is Ashland, Kentucky

Did you know that you can take the adventurer in your family to Carter Caves? They have 7 caves that can be toured, they even have one that is completely undeveloped. Think no electricity, handrails and passing a squeeze test before you go. I dare say that older children are better for that particular one. 

Also at Carter Caves they offer Gem Mining. I don’t know about your kids, but mine would think that they were the coolest people ever if they got to do that! 

While you are in Ashland, make sure you visit the Highlands Museum and Discovery Center. Added bonus is that they are doing a Cookies for Santa contest. Think that you decorate the best cookie around? You might want to enter! 

In downtown Ashland they have a wide variety of locally owned specialty shops and upscale boutiques. 

If you are in the market for a piece of art by a local artist stop in the Pendleton Art Center. It might not be the best place for little hands, just a thought! 

Did I miss anything in Ashland? Which town should we feature next?