Distilleries to Visit in Kentucky

It is a well known fact that Kentucky is a haven for Bourbon lovers. There is a whole bourbon trail, that caters to those who want to learn more about the spirit. Did you know that the commercial production of moonshine is really taking off here in the bluegrass state?

I thought it might be fun to provided a list of all the different distilleries in Kentucky that invites visitors in for tours. Keep it handy, you know in case you ever have a moment away from the kids!

Let’s start in Bardstown, shall we?

Heaven Hill

Barton 1792


Four Roses (this is only their warehouse tours and technically in Cox’s Creek but it is VERY Close)

Jim Beam Stillhouse (again technically Clermont but super close to Bardstown.)

Next up the small but mighty Lebanon. 

Kentucky Cooperage

Limestone Branch

…in Danville

Wilderness Trail Distillery

Near the Frankfort/Versailles/Lexington Area

Buffalo Trace

Woodford Reserve

Town Branch Distillery

In Bowling Green 

Corsiar Distillery


Casey Jones Distillery

Around Louisville 

Evan Williams Bourbon Experience

Copper and Kings

In Paducah 

Paducah Distilled Spirits


Kentucky Mist Moonshine Distillery