My Town Monday: Owensboro Kentucky

Our great state of Kentucky, has 120 counties and even more little towns that fill these counties. They are made up of hard working good people, that are raising families and earning a living in this state. We want to recognize these places, some times they are map dots, sometimes they are a big metropolis.

Today’s My Town Monday Spotlight is Ownesboro, Kentucky!

When the weather is nice an your kids needs to burn off some steam I recommend heading to Somthers Park. The playground there is seriously unbelievable! 

If anyone in your family is a big bluegrass music fan, head over to the International Bluegrass Music Museum.  Admission is just $5 per person. 

If you have slightly older more adventurous kids on your trip, then perhaps you should check out Haunts of Owesnboro. It is a ghost tour of Owensboro.

Of course no trip to Owensboro is complete without a trip to Moonlight Barbecue. Heck you could do a bbq tour of Owensboro!

Have you visited Owensboro before? What is your family’s favorite thing to do while you are there?