“Pay What You Can” at Lexington Children’s Theatre

 photo John-Henry-300x300_zpsruw9nosg.jpgThe Lexington Children’s Theatre wants to make sure that anyone who wants to see their show, can see their show!  They are having a “Pay What You Can” performance on February 13th at 7pm.  The box office opens at 6pm that evening.  The show is “The Legend of John Henry” and it takes place at their main stage.  Full information about the show can be found by clicking here.

If you are not familiar with “Pay What You Can” situations – I have seen them in a variety of places from ticketed events like this to coffee shops.   It is wonderful to see the Lexington Children’s Theatre do this outreach and make their shows accessible to all people regardless of income.  If you can afford their regular ticket prices (Public Prices: $18 adults, $15 children), I highly encourage you to pay full price to support their arts programs and shows. Perhaps you can even pay more so as to cover the cost for those who cannot afford it. If this ticket price is outside of you, don’t let that stop you. “Pay What You Can” opens the doors for everyone – perhaps you can spare $1 or even $10 per person (like a movie). Regardless, you can see the show!

This promotion was not found on their website but instead on Twitter

It’s always good to check social media sites for places to see if they have deals they have not published on their websites!