Starview Greenhouses, Nursery, Garden Center and Gift Shop in Henry County

 photo 20160417_1409311_zpsa0ilbb7d.jpgIf you have a green thumb and love making your part of the great outdoors beautiful, Starview Greenhouses, Nursery, Garden Center and Gift Shop has everything you need and more. Located just

across the Henry County line at 10082 KY Hwy 146 in Lagrange, Starview is easy to find and well worth

the scenic drive.

On site, there is one large greenhouse of annual flowers – hanging baskets of flowers, flats of flowers,

potted flowers – in every size, shape and color imaginable. There are two other greenhouses of

perennials broken down in to three categories – shade, partial sun, and full sun. Yet another

greenhouse is devoted to herbs, vegetables, and small fruits. Their gift shop is filled with whimsical

garden décor to outdoor rugs to seeds and anything else a gardener could need or want! There is also a

pottery shop and area dedicated to trees and shrubs.

 photo 20160417_140114_zpsn5ph3p18.jpg

The shopping process is pretty simple. While there are no carts, there are flats you can fill then take to

the loading area with numbered benches in the main garden center. The staff will assign you a number

and take your selections there to be held. Then, you can go shop more. As you accumulate goodies, the

staff will help you carry them back to “your area” on the bench. When you are done, a staffer will

generate a ticket that you can take to the gift center to check out.

 photo 20160417_145128_zpsypeuwjdf.jpgThe staff are not only incredibly knowledgeable about all their products, but they are incredibly friendly and

always happy to help. And, from my experience, the quality of the plants is unsurpassed. With

Mother’s Day just around the corner, let your kiddos help clear a spot out and then head out to Starview

to pick out some flowers to plant together!

My kids, ages 9, 8, and 4 loved checking out all the plants with me. Make sure you hit the restroom

before you go if your kids are uncomfortable with portapots – like 2/3 of mine are. We spent about an

hour and a half looking in all the greenhouses and choosing vegetables for our garden. We’re planning

another trip for more flowers too! It can get hot (because, you know – greenhouse) but there is a shade

house and you can always find a cool breeze.

This family owned garden spot has it all! You can check out their website at

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