Staying Active in Kentucky…Even in the Winter!

This last weekend my family got a taste, a taste of the things we love to do but tend to avoid during the winter.

Then I started thinking about the fact that too often I end up making excuses for myself, letting my family and I off the hook for being snuggled under the covers all winter. After 2 hours of being outside yesterday the smiles returned to faces, frustrations seemed to lessen and we were in harmony with one another.

I realize that you aren’t going to go outside for extended periods of time if it is single digit temperatures or colder. Heck I am not going to go outside when it is that cold (or raining)

Here are 5 ideas to keep you and your crew moving until spring graces us with warmer temperatures.

1. Head to the zoo. Put some layers on and go check out the animals, they are often more active during the colder temperatures. Kentucky Down Under  and the Louisville Zoo are both open year round.

2. Take a Hike. Kentucky has beautiful areas to see and some of those places are best seen while hiking. Why not go to the Red River Gorge and check out the views from a trail?

3. If you don’t want to get that far from home or the weather is a little too chilly to venture too far from home; take a walk around the block. Grab your kids and your dog (if you so desire) and get moving!

4. Have you ever been on an elk tour? What are you waiting for?! The Land Between the Lakes has seen a steady growth in the elk population and they are now offering driving tours. The cost is $5 per car load. You can find more information here.

5. Why not head to one of the many caves in the state? Their climate is a steady one and you will be comfortable. Mega Cavern in Louisville has some really fun activities. Diamond Caverns is another choice and there is always Mammoth Cave.