Monday, September 18, 2017

Free Museums in Kentucky!

Learning is fantastic any way that you can squeeze it in to your day. When you can do it for free it is even better!

Below is a list of FREE museums Museums in Kentucky!

Annually on ONE DAY in September - you can get free admission to certain museums thanks to Museum Day Live! You go to this website to find locations near you and get your (2) tickets. There are usually about 10 in Kentucky that participate like the Kentucky Science Center, Slugger Museum or if you want to take a trip to Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Museum Center usually participates.

Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace 

The General George Patton Museum

Capital City Museum

The Art Museum at The University of Kentucky 

Kentucky Folk Art Center - Morehead State University 

Bittersweet Cabin Village 

Old Fort Harrod

The Brown - Pusey House

Kentucky Artisan Center

Jeffersontown Historical Museum

Speed Museum has free admission on Sundays 

KMAC Museum

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LEGO® Ninjago at Target

 photo lego2_zpsqk9l9eka.png 
Attention LEGO® fans! Target is hosting scavenger hunts across all of their local stores. THE LEGO® NINJAGO® MOVIE™ scavenger hunts will take place on September 30th from 10am - 1p.
The fun is free and will get the kids all excited for the upcoming movie.

 photo lego_zpsqb7rm4qa.png

Images from
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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Shelby Trails Park in Simpsonville

 photo Shelby Trails 2_zpss7qrceng.jpgShelby Trails Park in Simpsonville is one of the few places in the Louisville area that provides guided horseback trail rides. Hour-long rides are $40 per person, and run most days as long as the weather is good (call ahead for appointments). There is a minimum age of 8 and a maximum weight of 200 pounds, and the horses are very gentle so that even beginners can ride.

The ride itself covers a variety of terrains. In addition to somewhat steep up- and downhills, your trip will take you through mown grass, down a more meadow-y lane, over a small stretch of loose rocks, and even across a small creek. The horses on the ride walk in a single file, with guides at the front and end of the line to ensure that no one gets lost.

The weather for our trip was perfect – much nicer than expected for August when we went! You will need to wear long pants for your ride, so consider riding during a cooler month. Additionally, we were about a week-and-a-half into horsefly season, which lasts about a month, so take that into account when making plans.

 photo Shelby Trails 1_zpsln1sve17.jpg We had to keep a sharp eye out for the horseflies, which pestered us for most of the ride. Our guide, Justine, urged us to smack any that landed on our horses, because of their very painful stings (painful to both horses and humans). Fortunately for us, only Justine was stung on our ride.

We saw a rabbit on our ride, but evidently it’s not uncommon to come across other wildlife, such as deer, a fox, or a crane. The scenery is beautiful, and would be especially striking when the leaves turn in the fall. Cell phones/cameras are not allowed on the ride (or any other loose objects), but your guide will take a couple of pictures of you with her own phone, and text them to you afterwards.

My eight-year-old niece, who had previously only ridden around rings, very much enjoyed our trail ride. The only thing she didn’t like were the horseflies!

 By guest contributor: Erika
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Fort Knox Oktoberfest is September 22

This is a sponsored post
 photo oktoberfest_zps1amieuqs.jpg 

Join Fort Knox for the annual Oktoberfest on Fort Knox's Brooks Field Friday evening, September 22 beginning at 5 pm. This popular event is a great time for the whole family.

 photo volksmarch_zpsubgnkvyt.jpgAlso, join us for the Volksmarch 5K run/walk at 6 PM!
Ft. Knox Oktoberfest will feature delicious German food, beer, live music, and a kids’ zone with activities and inflatables. Connect with the Fort Knox community while listening to Tony and the Tan lines Band along with the Schnickelfritz Band. Win cash prizes at the Corn Hole tournament.

Mark the Fort Knox Oktoberfest on your calendar today! 

The Fort Knox Oktoberfest and the Oktoberfest Volksmarch is sponsored by USAA and Harshaw Trane.

U.S. Army Garrison Fort Knox is open to the public for this great event.  If you are a non-military affiliated guest, please access Fort Knox through the Chaffee Gate and visit the Visitor's Control Center to receive your pass for gate access. You will need a valid form of ID such as a driver's license.  If this is your first time to visit Fort Knox, allow a few extra minutes at the Visitor's Control Center  to get your gate pass.
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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Review of Go Ape Treetop Adventure Course in Jefferson Memorial Forest

 photo GoApe6_zpsesouscca.jpg 
Go Ape is an aerial adventure course with sixteen locations in the US, one of which is in Jefferson Memorial Forest. Their Louisville course consists of five stations that take about 2-3 hours to complete. Reservations should be made in advance and are limited in number for each time slot.

 photo GoApe5_zps7tshptk6.jpg The minimum age for Go Ape’s Treetop Adventure courses is 10, but children age 10-15 must be supervised (from the obstacles, not from the ground) by an adult. Kids who are 16-17 don’t need adult supervision, but will need a signed waiver. Additionally, there is a minimum height of 4’11” and a maximum weight limit of 285 pounds.

Everyone (kids and adults) wears the same size harness, which is professionally adjusted by Go Ape instructors. The maximum waist size for the harness is 43”, and the maximum thigh size is 28”, but our instructor had no problem adjusting down a harness for my eleven-year-old nephew, who is lean and wiry. The harness has a number of attachments for safety, including two color-coded carabiners, a pulley, and a D-ring.

 photo GoApe3_zpsapymxi5p.jpgBefore you start the course, there is a mock-up of a cable and a swing and your instructor will show you how to safely connect and disconnect from them. The instructor will also go through the first station with you, to ensure everyone understands how to move safely through the obstacles, but after that you are on your own and the instructors supervise from the ground.

Each station starts with a rope ladder up to a platform and ends with a zipline from a platform back down to the ground, with several platforms and crossings in between. The first station, that you move through with the instructor, is very simple and low to the ground; after that, the rope ladders that start each new station are inside a locked paddock. The paddocks also include a bench, drinking water, and a sign with facts about different types of primates (to go with the Go Ape theme).

 photo GoApe2_zpsdwkymozn.jpgEach of the obstacles has a rating (easy, moderate, difficult, or extreme). Once you climb the rope ladder, there’s no going back – you can’t skip an obstacle. However, in several places there will be a choice of two paths: one easier and one harder.

There are many types of crossings between the platforms. Some involve walking along a thin steel cable, or a net. Some have moving platforms to cross. There are also two Tarzan Swings, where you swing from one platform into a cargo net that catches you, then climb from the net up to the nearest platform and continue on.

The course was a lot more strenuous than I expected. At one point I slipped off a difficult crossing, and even though my harness kept me perfectly safe, I had difficulty getting back up on a platform, due to a lack of leverage and upper body strength. Also, because the forest is so hilly, the terrain between the stations was uneven and quite steep in places. Spectators are allowed to watch from the ground, but if you have family members with mobility issues, they might have a difficult time. I wouldn’t recommend the aerial course itself for anyone who is not at least moderately fit.

Go Ape is not a cheap experience. “Baboons” (ages 10-15) are $38, and "Orangutans" (16-17) and “Gorillas” (18+) are $58. However, at the completion of our experience, we were given a certificate that included a 25% off discount on the back. My nephew said it was the most exciting day he’d ever had, so I’m glad we were able to do it, but I do think that 25% off the price would have been more reasonable. Discounts are offered periodically on Groupon.

 photo GoApe7_zpsf8pywq1p.jpg

You must supervise your children (maximum two children per adult) from the obstacles. If you have two 10-15 year old children that have different abilities or comfort levels with heights, consider taking another adult with you so that each child can have one-on-one supervision and go at his/her own pace.

Trust the difficulty ratings on the signs. Even if a crossing doesn’t look like it will be that hard, it will feel different once you get out there. Don’t be surprised if your child has an easier time than you – they’re probably shorter and lighter, and with a lower center of gravity, the obstacles won’t move as much for them.

Consider wearing (or buying at Go Ape) gloves that will protect your hands. If you hold onto the steel cables for balance, they can hurt your hands – mine were still sore hours later.

If you can, leave everything but your keys in your car/trunk, and give the Go Ape staff your keys to hold. Anything that gets dropped from the course may break and/or may not be able to be found. The Go Ape staff have first aid kits (including Epipens) in case of emergency.

Don’t worry about wearing sunglasses – you’re under the trees and it’s fairly shady. However, if you wear prescription lenses, consider putting them on some sort of strap. My face got pretty sweaty due to my exertions, and there were several times when my glasses started to slip off my face.

Go Ape Treetop Adventure course in Jefferson Memorial Forest is generally open from March - December. For more information or to make a reservation visit their website. To learn more about Jefferson Memorial Forest, see our review

By Guest Contributor: Erika
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Monday, August 28, 2017

Haney's Appledale Farm in Nancy near Lake Cumberland

 photo IMG_4957_zpsjknaabhl.jpgWhile on a visit to Lake Cumberland, I did my research as usually and found that Haney's Appledale Farm was mentioned numerous times.  There are few things that I like better than farm fun (and pie) so we ventured there one afternoon for a treat -  I was sold at 'bakery'!

 photo IMG_4968_zpsmyzhiqpf.jpgLocated on Highway 80, it was really easy to find. It was very close to Pulaski County Park - which we also enjoyed on our visit.  The farm store is inviting with rockers out front and a large opening to the farm store on the right side of the building. The kids immediately noticed the play area in the back. Of course, the folks there were just as welcoming. We actually found that some of the owner's grand-kids go to school with mine, we recognized them in a photo!

 photo IMG_4982_zpstmpeecfa.jpgAfter browsing for a bit, we decided to let the kids work up an appetite and play.  They have a barn-shaped play structure in the back that was just enough for our pit-stop.  It had swings, slides and climbing features but mostly, since it was set up like and upstairs and downstairs barn, it lent itself to imaginative play. I liked the view of the orchards from the upstairs part of the play area - yes, I got up there! When we went, it was quite hot so we didn't spend as much time outside as we would have liked. I can definitely see that during the milder weather, families can hang out by the play area more or take their snacks outside for a picnic.

We shopped the market to find local products and lots of their produce - peaches since it was summer. They also grow apples (25 varieties), pumpkins, and pears seasonally.  Fall is definitely popular. We took home some peaches before we left our vacation spot.  They don't always offer u-pick so check ahead before you go.

 photo IMG_4977_zpshtgyghk4.jpgThe bakery is known for their pies - which are small pocket pies. They make different flavors seasonally and you can order large batches if you need to!  They also had muffins, cookies and select lunch items like pulled pork sandwiches. We enjoyed their peach slushies and baked goods - the pies are just the right size to not feel guilty......well, too guilty.

Haney's is open seven days a week, with shorter hours on Sundays. We recommend you follow them on Facebook for farm updates so you know when certain varieties of fruit are ready. 
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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Visiting Fort Boonesborough in Richmond

 photo 070_zpsaatvytdj.jpgI love Kentucky. As the saying goes, I wasn’t born here, but I got here as quickly as I could. And along with my love for all things Kentucky, our state parks are tops on my list. This particular Saturday’s adventure led us to Fort Boonesborough in Richmond.

 photo 071_zpsppfo86uh.jpgFort Boonesborough has been reconstructed as a working fort complete with cabins, blockhouses and furnishings. Resident artisans perform craft demonstrations and give modern-day visitors a true sense of what life was like for pioneers in Kentucky.

Open daily from 9-5 April through October, the admission fees to the fort are well worth the cost (Ages 6 to 12: $5, 13 & up: $8). The Fort Boonesborough Foundation has events all through the year. Cool History on Hot Days runs every Saturday through August, and my family was treated to a narrative about life in Daniel Boone’s day by a woman dressed in period clothing. We were all enthralled as the speaker brought up so many historic events and began thought provoking discussions well after she was finished.

 photo 099_zpsyaj7clm6.jpgWe strolled around the grounds of the fort at our leisure. We did pause while my oldest son tried to throw a tomahawk at a log – which was actually much more difficult than the resident artisan made it appear! In different cabins we learned about candles, soap making, the weapons and tools of the day, medicinal herbs, and got glimpses of how the settlers may have lived so long ago. There was also a gift shop on site with fort souvenirs as well as cold sodas and snacks.

 photo 104_zpsfsem1bzk.jpgThe campground, pool and picnic area are just down the road, or you can take a trail which is about half a mile. We ate our picnic lunch and my youngest son enjoyed the playground afterwards. Then we made our way down to the Kentucky River so my kids could fish (make sure you have a license). It was very peaceful and quiet on the river bank. After everyone had had enough of the river, we decided to check out pool. The fees were minimal (Ages 3 to 12: $4, 13 & up: $5, Campers: $4, Seniors: $4) and it was a great way to unwind and cool down after a long day of exploring.
 photo 059_zps4pfb3zpd.jpg
We all really enjoyed the experience and the people at the fort were very nice and eager to answer questions. Beyond the beautiful setting, having the past come to life before your eyes will leave a lasting impression!

By guest contributor:
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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Solar Eclipse Events in Kentucky

 photo solar eclipse LFF_zpsshrmrur0.png

Chances are you've heard about the solar eclipse that will occur on Monday, August 21st. This is a huge event for Kentucky, because parts of the state are in the path of totality, meaning the moon will completely block out the sun as it passes between the sun and the earth. Optimal total solar eclipse viewing will be slightly northwest of Hopkinsville, Ky. It's a once in a lifetime viewing opportunity for many, so thousands of people from around the world will be traveling to see it. A map of totality can be found here. For those living in Louisville, a partial solar eclipse will be seen. NASA has a great website explaining everything! And, an interactive map for locations and times.

Below are events that will be taking place all across the Kentucky.

Please note: regardless of the degree of totality, you WILL NEED solar eclipse glasses for viewing! Some venues will have a limited number of pairs available. Play it safe and buy a pair before the 21st. We've seen them for sale ($1 - $2) at local Kroger, Lowes, Walmart and Heine Bros. locations-- to name a few! 

Louisville/Jefferson County, KY
Big Four Bridge Lawn

E.P. "Tom" Sawyer State Park

Kentucky Derby Musuem

Kentucky State Fairgrounds

Mint Julep Tours- Solar Eclipse and Bourbon Sips Experience* Tour departs Louisville and travels to Hopkinsville.

PNC Achievement Center in Beckley Creek Park

Spalding University

Ballard County, KY
Wickliffe Mounds State Historic Site

Barron County, KY
Barron River Lake State Park

Boone County, KY
Big Bone Lick State Historic Site

Bullitt County, KY
Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

Christian County, KY
Burdoc Farms

Christian Way Farm

Jefferson Davis Monument

Kelly Little Green Men Festival

Daviess County, KY
Owensboro Museum of Science and History

Western Kentucky Botanical Garden

Fayette County, KY
The Living Arts and Science Center

Floyd County, KY
Jenny-Wiley State Resort Park

Henderson County, KY
John James Audubon State Park

Hickman County, KY
Columbus-Belmont State Park

Hopkins County, KY
American Legion in Madisonville

Downtown Dawson Springs

Elks BPOE #738 in Madisonville
Madisonville City Park

Madisonville Community College

Mahr Park at Hidden Hills Farm

Pennyrile Forest State Resort Park

Marshall County, KY
Kenlake State Resort Park

Kentucky Dam Village State Resort Park

McCracken County, KY
Art Guild of Paducah

Brooks Field

Carson Center

McCracken County Library

Silent Brigade Distillery

West Kentucky Community and Technical College

Muhlenberg County, KY
Greenville Summerhouse

Oldham County
City Place Lawn *Pre-register for this networking event.

Spencer County, KY
Solar Eclipse Paddle at Taylorsville Lake

Todd County, KY
Jefferson Davis Historic Site

Trigg County, KY
Lake Barkley State Resort Park

Union County, KY
Caseyville Recreation Area & Boat Dock

Warren County, KY
The A-Frame

Aviation Heritage Park

Bowling Green Ballpark

Chaney's Dairy Farm

Historic Railpark and Train Musuem

Reid's Livery Winery

Rockn B Horse and Carriage Farm

Looking for a fun way to teach your child about the solar eclipse? Check out this short animated video by McGraw-Hill Education:

Know of another eclipse viewing party in Kentucky? Email a link to

By Guest Contributor: Brandy
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Review of Cave Run Lake

 photo Cave Run Lake KFF_zpsz3efgbvr.png

We’re a family that LOVES the beach – and water in general. However, with the nearest ocean a few hours away, my kids (ages 10, 9, and 6) and I set out to find what a Kentucky beach had in store and were not disappointed.

After some research, I found Cave Run Lake, which is part of the Daniel Boone National Forrest. Cave Run, about an hour and half east of Lexington and just south of Morehead, is an 8,270 acre lake that was built for flood protection by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

There are two main beaches – Zilpo and Twin Knobs. Twin Knobs is larger and somewhat easier to get to. It has a boat ramp, summer amphitheater programs and scheduled campground activities. The campground also has volleyball courts, basketball hoops and horseshoe pits as well as many other amenities.

Zilpo sits on a peninsula in the middle portion of Cave Run Lake at an elevation of 800 feet deep in the forest with the nearest community 12 miles away. We chose the path less traveled and went to Zilpo.

Since the two beaches are on opposing sides of the lake, the routes are totally different. The road to Zilpo is about 17 miles once you enter the park. There are a couple turns but they are well marked so no worries about getting misplaced. However, with curvy roads and speeds topping out around 45 mph, it does seem to take FOREVER to get back to the beach.

We did pass a couple different picnic areas – and after a long ride in the car – stopped at the Clear Creek area which we were thankful had restroom. We even stumbled upon what we referred to as a Kentucky pyramid, but was actually the remains of an iron furnace – and a history lesson opportunity!

As we continued to drive, there was a clearing which gave us an amazing view of the lake. It was breathtaking and spurred us on to continue the rest of drive through the forest! After we stopped at the guard shack further down the road and paid our $10 vehicle fee (pretty sure it’s cash only so be prepared), we continued through the campgrounds to the beach parking lot. As soon as we parked and the kids saw the beach, they deemed our over two hour drive totally worth it and we got busy having fun!

 photo 093_zpsdyt6ewmf.jpgWe had basic things for a day at the beach – floaties, goggles, snacks, a beach mat and towels. My older son also insisted on having his fishing poles to do some shore fishing (make sure you have your license). We found the beach itself to be really rocky instead of sandy so make sure everyone has water shoes or sandals that can get wet. We charged ahead to the water, which was just about room temperature. It was incredible! There was no adjustment time needed – we all just got straight in! The beach is well defined with buoys and a sea wall to keep everyone well contained and aware of the boundaries. My kids are good swimmers, and we had life jackets on hand just in case, but at no point was I concerned for their safety in the water.

The beach area also had a volleyball court, some park benches, a bathroom facility, and a small general store with cold soft drinks, snacks, goggles, etc.

We were only prepared to spend the afternoon, but it’s a place I’d like to go back and spend at least the weekend. There are campsites, rental cabins, boat launches, boat rentals at the marina, hiking trails, hunting, and so many more activities to explore with family or friends. My kids and I were in total awe of the surrounding beauty and how much fun lake swimming was. They couldn’t stop talking about it. When we go back, we’ll plan on plotting out much more than just an afternoon.

Make sure as you’re planning your trip, you decide on what kind of experience you want, how much time you want to spend and check the surrounding areas for events you can tie in to your trip. Cave Run Lake is a place where you could go back just about every weekend and find something new to explore!

By guest contributor:
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Tipi camping in Kentucky - Homegrown Hideaways

 photo Camp in a tipi_zpsi0hll0du.png

Looking for a few days away from it all but close to home? Love nature but don’t want to deal with packing a car full of camping gear for just a day or two getaway. Try out Homegrown Hideaways just outside of Berea, Ky.

 photo holler_zpsy53pztil.jpgHomegrown Hideaways is located in a beautiful valley (holler) with a small creek running through a big wide open field surrounded by lush forests and knobs. We spent an overnight on our way home from Red River Gorge at Jessa and Nathan’s beautiful home in the foothills of the Appalachian forest. Homegrown Hideaways is a working farm and member of the National Forest Stewardship program and they have just begun offering "glamping" on airbnb. They offer completely kitted out options such as a treehouse and a yurt, as well as some more rustic options in a bell tent or our choice a 24 ft tipi. You may also pitch your own tent or bring an RV- they have hookups.

The Tipi was amazing- for the kids and us grownups- the idea of sleeping in a tipi was pretty exciting. The construction of the tipi itself is fascinating and the fact that you can safely build a fire inside makes us want to return in the fall to experience that on a cooler night. We brought a couple of tarps for the ground and airbeds and slept very comfortably. We kept the smoke flaps open overnight hoping to see a starry sky- unfortunately clouds had rolled in- but this gives us yet another reason to return.

 photo tipi_zpslikaepbq.jpg
We’ve camped a lot and came completely over prepared for our weekend. Jessa told me they want to cater to people who have never camped before as well as seasoned campers. Staying in any of the on-site lodgings, you have access to a full kitchen with fridge, oven, coffee maker, sink with hot and cold water and more. We didn’t need to bring out our gas camping stove, we didn’t need our cooler full of ice, or a table, or plates, or cutlery, no need for pots or pans! The fridge had fresh eggs from the farm. They also have a full and very clean bathhouse with flushable toilets and hot showers, a fire pit, cornhole boards, ultimate frisbee goals, covered picnic tables, a large playing field with swings. The farm also includes a beautiful hiking trail through the woodlands on the property. You can rent canoes for an afternoon on the nearby reservoir. Jessa and Nathan have everything you could need- all you need are your sleeping bags, pillows, and food to cook.

 photo swing_zpspwgrzujh.jpg The kids had a blast on the grounds of Homegrown Hideaways, playing in the creek, campfires, visiting the chickens, and making friends with the dogs who call this beautiful place home. Jessa and Nathan have been building a new secluded Treehouse with huge windows that will give you amazing views of the landscape- definitely on our bucket list. We definitely recommend you check this place out with your kids, extended family, a great location for a family reunion, or an adult getaway- you even have the option of having your food cooked for you.

For more information visit

From guest contributor
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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Visiting Pulaski County Park - a beach swimming location on Lake Cumberland

 photo Pulaski County Park KFF_zpsor2wjval.png

Pulaski County Park is conveniently located off of Rte. 80 in Nancy, Kentucky. This park is on Lake Cumberland in the Somerset area. The park offers an array of options for people who are looking for a day visit or for folks looking to camp or have a gathering. See aerial photos here.

What attracted us to visit Pulaski County Park is we were told that there was a beach area and when traveling with kids ages 2 to 10, that's a perfect option.  The beach was added in 2017. The beach area is easy to find in the park if you keep going right as you enter the park. There is ample parking but it's important to notice, there are no bathroom facilities at the beach area. You must cross the parking area and go up a hill to portable bathrooms at the top of the hill. It wasn't too much of a hike but with little kids, that's important to know. And, the portable bathrooms there were very clean.

There is one large tree on the beach so we were able to grab that spot for the day to have some shade. There are a few picnic tables and a grill in a shady are closer to the parking lot. We brought in chairs, floats and our picnic items and spent hours at this beach.  There are rocky spots close to the shady area but as you go toward the middle of the beach, it's more sandy.  The kids loved collecting rocks and then at the end of the day, swam them back into the lake to sink to the bottom.

Also at the park, there are camping options (less that $80 per night) for any level of camping and there are also cabins. We drove around and found a wonderful trail if you are interested in hiking or biking that trail, many picnic shelters that would be great for groups, a playground, basketball and more activities. The park has quite a bit to offer and we did notice a lot of people camping, fishing and kayaking. The kayaking looked great because of where the park is situated, folks can go in and out of coves in Lake Cumberland.

The park is open dawn to dusk for visitors. They have a small store at the entrance in case you need some fishing supplies, snack or a drink. The folks in the store were also helpful for fishing tips and other information about the park. That store is open normal business hours, not the entire time the park it open. We noticed that the park utilizes an inmate program to clean the park. We had no problems at all but we did notice that they work on the beach in the morning so if you arrive later in the morning and stay for the afternoon, they will likely be finished with their work.

The park is so close to many things to do. If you stay at Pulaski County Park, you won't be bored! Also, it was just down the road from Haney's Appledale Farm which we really loved for treats. 

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Saturday, July 29, 2017

A review of SomerSplash Water Park in Somerset

 photo SomerSplash KFF_zpsjlzkqqzm.png

 photo IMG_8601_zps2gmmrlfr.jpgSomerSplash is a water park run by the City of Somerset which is located near Lake Cumberland. This water park can be a day trip itself or can be tied in with a trip to Lake Cumberland. If you are visiting the Lake Cumberland area, you may know it's a large lake so it spans a wide area. This water park is located on the northeast side of the lake.

 photo IMG_8588_zpsk3uw1sck.jpgThe water park is open late-May through Labor Day.  You can visit their website to see variations in hours and prices for admission. Admission depends on when you arrive and how tall you are, which determines your level of participation in some of the rides. Also, there's a poolside charge of just $3 if you are not swimming - that's a nice option when you have a grandparent that wants to join and you don't want to pay the full price.  We chose to arrive after 4pm to save money and enjoy shorter lines - three hours of fun was enough for us since we were traveling with a two-year-old.

We explored and tried most of the water features. I found the place to be very clean and noticed the abundance of lifeguards.  I also likes that there were so many options for a variety of ages. For example, even in the wave pool area, there were little kids playing because the pool was zero entry and had spray features.

The water park has the following:
     photo IMG_8622_zpspcina1ds.jpg photo IMG_8627_zpsq3ziqqpo.jpg
  • Shallow water playground area with small slides and dumping bucket
  • Kiddie area exclusively for the little ones
  • Some covered seating
  • One steep body slide
  • A lazy river
  • Two tube slides the enter into the lazy river - one with a big bowl
  • Three body slides, some tunnel, some open. Less steep.
  • A wave pool
  • Multiple spray features
  • A shop and locker rooms
Tips: Arrive early to get covered seating if you plan to be there all day! Bring in your picnic to save money. Check their Facebook page for weather closings. They have special events throughout the summer.

The kids loved the wave pool the best. The tube slide that has the bowl was a close second!

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